Les artistes du tricot: l'interview d'Anne Carroll Gilmour

Après avoir traduit en français la patron du châle "Gaïa Shoulder Hug" d'Anne Carroll Gilmour, j'ai recontacté la créatrice du patron et elle s'est gentiment prêtée au jeu des questions-réponses au cours d'une petite interview.

Cette créatrice est à l'image de ses créations tricot: douce, colorée et chaleureuse!

Je vous invite donc à découvrir sa page Ravelry qui regorge d'idées tricot et de patrons de toute beauté. J'ai personnellement totalement craqué pour le patron de l'étole en dentelle "Osprey Shetland Lace Cloud Stole".

J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à échanger avec elle et vous retranscris ici l'intégralité de son interview en anglais.

Pour la version française, rendez-vous sur le site Madlaine.fr!

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L'interview d'Anne Carroll Gilmour en anglais

Hello Anne

We know you fan of knitting! We discovered your work through the « Gaia Shoulder Hug » pattern and were really touched by your other works. Through this interview, we would like to know more about your story, your passion, your news.
Be careful, some crazy questions have crept into the interview!

Q#1: We know you fan of knitting, is it your real job or just a passion?
Anne: It is my full-time occupation, along with designing for publication, handspinning and hand weaving and doing occasional art shows. I also make herbal soaps and little soft sculture wool sheep, and have a small flock of Jacob sheep- (whether or not I actually make a living at all my various pursuits is another question :-) )!

Q#2: From a personal standpoint, what brings you knitting?
A: I have been around knitters all my life and was very influenced early on by my Mother and my aunt, and the sweet little German lady who cared for all the children in my neighbourhood. They always had something on the needles and it just seemed so colourful and magical to me, I was enchanted with it then and still am today.

Q#3: What is the knitting that best represents you or which you are most proud of?
A: I love so many different types of knitting (texture, lace, colour techniques etc.) that it is hard to choose just one, but I must admit I have become known for traditional texture knitting of the deeply embossed Aran type and Celtic knotwork stylescolor stranded knitting is also a great favourite with me. I love exploring and interpreting World cultures and symbolism in both colour and texture.

Q#4: Who gets your creations: you, your family, your friends?
A: All of the above, and sometimes private clients or art show patrons

Q#5: A little word about your influences?
A: Other than those mentioned above, my biggest influence has come from a man named Norman Kennedy, whom I met when I was a child growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia. The whole town is a living history museum which re-creates America in the 18th century and Norman was brought over from Aberdeen, Scotland nearly 40 years ago to run the spinning and weaving shop. He is also a fabulous knitter and has been a valued mentor and teacher to me and many others for decades now.

Q#6: Are you more Alpaca or Merino? Straight needles or circular needles?
A: I use a whole lot of Alpaca (LOVE it!) and am partial to circular needles for almost everything, although I love my dpns for tight circles.

Q#7: Name three knitting or crocheting designers that inspire you.
A: Kaffe Fasset, Carol Fellers and Nancy Bush

Q#8: What do you like best : live your whole life in a knitting house or transform everything you touch in yarns?
A: Both would be heavenly!

Q#9: What could you advice to people who would like to start knitting?
A: Jump right on it! Knitters are a wonderful, friendly and patient bunch and should you be lucky enough to have a LYS with a knitting group in your area, join in enjoy yourself!

Q#10: Is this interview over?
A: Yes, but the knitting is only beginning!

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