Les artistes du crochet: Zabbez, l'interview + Jeu-concours

Zabbez a envahi la toile avec ses mignonnes poupées au crochet. Ces petits personnages évoluent dans un univers fleuri. Poétiques et pleines de douceurs, ces jolies poupées à faire soi-même raviront à coup sûr les petits et les grands.

Je vous invite donc à vous promener sur son site internet pour  découvrir toute sa collection de fleurs et pourquoi pas, succombez à l'une d'entre elles! Son mot d'ordre est : "Amusez-vous et soyez heureux!"
Et si on suivait ce bon conseil pour la rentrée? Pour l'occasion, Madlaine organise un jeu-concours dont vous trouverez tous les détails sur le site de la boutique.

Le créateur de ces patrons s'est également gentiment prêté au jeu des questions-réponses pour Madlaine.fr. Retrouvez ci-dessous l'intégralité de son interview en anglais.

Pour la version française, rendez-vous sur le site Madlaine.fr!

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L'interview de Bas den Braver en anglais

Hello Zabbez
It was such a joy to discover your universe ! Your flowers dolls are really poetic and so cute, it's
hard to pick up one of them ! Through this interview, we would like to know more about your story,
your passion, your news.

Zabbez: First of all, thank you very much for your kind words. By designing the Zabbez flower dolls I hope to share a little joy all around and hearing back from the people who crochet them means a lot tome.

Q#1 : Who are you ? Where are you from ? How old are you ? Can you say just few words of the person behind the designer ?
Zabbez is the name I promote my flower dolls under. My real name is Bas den Braver and I am 39 years old. I live in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam. I have a background in webdesign and fashion and I am always busy creating beautiful things that make me and others happy.

Q#2: How did you become a crocheting designer ? Is it your real job ?
I love creating and among many other things, I also love doing crochet. After I had designed my first flower doll it was an immediate succes and people started asking for more. After that it just went from there. Besides my Zabbez activities I also still run my own webdesign business.

Q#3: Why did you choose to make flowers dolls ?
I have always loved plants and flowers. It is something that has penetrated in many aspects of my life. When I started to design a crochet doll I wanted to create a little person that could live in a world of its own. A hidden world, in nature, all around us. So I started experimenting with different flower bulb shapes for the body, different flower options for the head and so on. I wanted it to be a flower, but still a little person everybody could relate to. And then Sunflower Sam was born.

Q#4: Who gets your creations: you, your family, your friends?
One of each flower doll is kept for my private collection and the rest of my creations go to the children of my family and friends. I have a box with different parts of flower dolls, experiments and failures. It makes me very happy when my nephews and nieces come to visit. I let them assemble their own flower doll any way they want. Have you ever seen a Poppy Paola body, with a Sunflower Sam leaf and a Tulip Theo flower cap? I have!

Q#5: A little word about your influences?
It is obvious my main inspiration comes from my love for creating beautiful things and my love for plants and flowers. But the biggest influences in my life are the lessons I have learned in my search for happiness. It is finding your unique qualities from within, accepting and using your
inner strength to pursue your dream.

Q#6: Name three designers that inspire you
I get inspired by a lot of designers from the well known to those of whom I don’t even know their names. I love documentaries about artists and I love surfing the web and visiting museums. It is about a feeling of wanting to create something beautiful that triggers me. The biggest inspiration I get from any designer is that creativity is a proces and you always have to keep changing and always reinventing yourself.

Q#7: Isn't it too hard to choose which flower will be next ?
I have so many ideas for new flower dolls that it can be difficult to choose which flower doll to make next. But even more important, I also have a lot of fans who want me to make a specific flower into a doll. So I try as much as possible to have my fans vote for the next flower doll.

Q#8: And what about other plants ? When will we see a sequoia doll or a cactus doll ?
I would love to do other plants and trees and already have some ideas. But first I am going to make a few more flower dolls. I want to make at least as many to compose a big and beautiful flower doll bouquet.

Q#9: Which flower doll is your favorite ?
I see my flower dolls as the lovely people that arose from my hard work and as a good parent would never admit to having a favorite child. I am sorry, I cannot admit to revealing a favorite flower doll. I love them all equally.

Q#10: Do you have some advices or tips for the crocheters who would like to start a flower doll?
The advice I have is the same as I mention in each of my patterns: Have fun! It does not matter if you just started with crochet or if you are an expert. Everybody does it on their own pace and on their own way. All my patterns are very detailed, well explained and with both textual instructions as well as pictures. So crocheting a flower doll will be fun for everybody!

Q#11: How do you imagine your future as a doll designer?
I have never been very good at looking in the future, but I do know I want to design a lot more flower dolls. So stay tuned!

Thank you for your answers !
It was a pleasure to answer your questions and I hope it will inspire others to make their life a little more happy with a cute and happy flower doll.

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